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Ornament Kits
Ornament Kits
Ornament Kits

Ornament Kits

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Make you own ornaments!!

Try your hand at making fused glass ornaments! Each kit comes with 5 blank trees, 5 vials of glass beads, assorted stringers and glue to secure your creations. 

How does it work?

  1. Choose your colors.
  2. Purchase your kit.
  3. We will ship your kit to you. 
  4. Layout your design and secure the pieces with glue.
  5. Email us - include a picture of your ornaments and your address. 
  6. We will respond with a mailing label for you to print out. 
  7. Wrap the completed ornaments in the bubble wrap provided. Put the ornaments and leftover glass in the box and mail the box to us. 
  8. We will fire your ornaments in the kiln, add a hook and mail back to you. 
  9. We will also feature your creations on our Wall of Fame!